SportsEngine Registration: Minnesota State High School Baseball Coaches Association

2018 All-Star Series Nomination


Welcome to the 2017 All-Star Series Nomination Registration Session with MSHSBCA.

This registration session will allow you to provide contact information and submit player information. Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.  


This is a time sensitive registration, all nominations will close on May 18th at 11:59 p.m..

Minnesota High School All-Star Baseball Tournament Selection Criteria for All Committees

The following list is the criteria that will be used to select teams:

1. Selection meeting will occur by the 3rd Sunday of May each year.

2. The meeting should not be an open forum for all coaches to attend.  Only those coaches who are members of the committee should attend.

  • Each committee should have representation from all conferences/regions that comprise the team, to be coordinated by the committee chairperson.

3. 6 teams will be made:  North, South, Metro East, and Metro West, Metro North, and Metro South.

4. A 16 man roster for the Metro teams and a 20 man roster for the North and South should be selected following this guidelines:

  • 2 players per school will be the maximum allowed.
  • If a coach nominates more than 1 player, the coach should rank order the players.  This is on the nomination form. 
  • 2 players per position should be considered, generally 8-9 players who can pitch.
  • 3 alternates should be listed in case of injury or a player who declines.
  • All selected players must have successfully completed requirements for graduation at their respective schools.  NO player who has not fulfilled graduation requirements will be selected.
  • Reminder:  Any player who has a Minnesota State High School League Violation that has been served during their senior year will NOT be selected for the Minnesota High School All-All-Star Baseball Tournament. 

5. Upon completion of the selection meeting, those who are selected will be communicated to by Don Gawreluk, series director and/or Drew Bartley, series coordinator.  


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Don Gawreluk

Series Director

Phone: (763) 370-3745